Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cezar Godbody (Bio)

          James Cole better known as  Cezar Godbody was born Aug. 6th 1985 in Los Angeles California. Fighting from birth Cezar was born to a crack addicted mother. Up until the age of 6 Cezar counted on his father to take care of him and provide all necessary things for survival. Cezars father did whatever necessary to provide for him, selling drugs being his main source of income. "Me and my momma would go down to skid row and pick up my dad's money and bring him more drugs, I remember my daddy feeding the homeless while he was down there, he had strong morals and beliefs from his Trinidadian and Tobago roots." "I remember my dad buying me jewelry and game systems and my momma would go pawn them for drugs, I was angry and hurt, I still to this day hold resentment towards my birth mother." At the young age of six Cezar's father was sent to the penitentiary on a domestic case, "I felt so alone, my daddy was my rock, he made me feel special and loved, he made up for everything my birth mother lacked." At just 6yrs old Cezar started  running the streets from bagging groceries to stealing and  selling drugs Cezar did what he had to in order to take care of himself, "I did what I had to do, my daddy couldn't take care of me anymore, my momma was in and out of crack houses there was days I couldn't tell you where she was. I remember asking to sleep at a friend's I was about 8 at the time, my momma said I could go for the night but when I came home the next day she wasn't there, I waited two days for her to come home but she never did, after that I went back to my friends house, I would check every day and night but she wasn't there, I didn't see her again for a month." Cezars father came back in his life for a short time after being released from the penitentiary, Cezar felt complete again having his daddy home. At the age of 9 Cezars father was deported from the states on a case he caught, cezars world again shattered. At the age of 9 Cezar was removed from his mother's care by the police and given to his grandmother. "Even tho Father God Allah sent me an Angel aka my grandmother I still went thru my own personal trials and tribulations on my way to becoming a man, from gang banging to drugs and doing time in the pen myself, you name it I did it." Cezar wrote his first rap at the age of thirteen, from the ages of 13-26 Cezar would freestyle at parties and also wrote music never taking it to serious until loosing his son in 2011, between the death of his son and reconnecting with his father that's when Cezar got serious about music. "I went and served my last bid from 2012-2015, I went and turned myself in with the mind set that the only one who can change my life is me. I remember when people didn't think I could do this by myself, MadReal (a producer) said I shouldn't put out music that sounds like this, but still didn't bother to offer me any help, he never been in my shoes, that's why I don't listen to people who never done it." Cezar continues making and writing music, with assistance from Legion Beats, Dramatic Beats, Pilot Gang Media Group is poised to have a nice 2017 "Do'ers do, and try'ers keep failing" strapped with an adroit skill set to win and a willingness to sacrifice Cezar is set out to win.

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